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Well, I guess everyone on the blogosphere is up in arms over Malu… - Argument

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August 21st, 2007

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10:14 pm
Well, I guess everyone on the blogosphere is up in arms over Malu Fernandez, and I thARRRGH JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID GITS

Leave it to the Philippine "blogosphere" to get all riled up the moment someone says something bad about Filipinos. It's fucking ridiculous; people are making a big deal over nothing. Everyone has something bad to say about their country and countrymen, and I doubt any of those things are any more fair than Malu's remarks. So she put her foot in her mouth, or has Tourette Syndrome or something. Big deal. This isn't patriotism, it's nothing but an embarrassing display of mob mentality. ONLINE mob mentality. Way to put yourselves at the level of Harry Potter shippers, guys. You're not exactly doing our image any favors by being all immature about it.

I mean, even Manuel Quezon III is getting into the act. While I'm glad someone disagrees with this fellow and his campaign, I'm disappointed that he followed it up with a terribly unfunny caption contest. Not only is this ridiculous meme in bad taste, but it's completely devoid of anything resembling humor. Believe it or not, getting pictures of the writer and insulting her appearance are not a road to instant comedy. What's next on your agenda, guys? A Photoshop contest? Great! Let's show this bitch just how mature we REALLY are!

What goes on in the mind of the blogger? I can't help but imagine someone shaking his fist in anger, shouting loudly in his mind, "hey guys hey look over there someone just talked trash about the motherland, LET'S GET HER! PHILIPPINE DEFENSE FORCE ASSEMBLE!"

What we need is not gruesome parody. What we need is not some sort of punitive measures. What we need is to CHILL THE FUCK OUT RARRGHH BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE ARE DRIVING ME TO THE EDGE OF INSANITY

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I'm somewhat ashamed of ever making this one, in retrospect

edit: Congratulations, bloggers. You sure showed her. Are you now going to start blogging about your victory over this week's greatest evil? I guess I have yet another event to append to filipinos.txt.

edit 2:
Here you all go: philippine-defense-squad.txt
Special mention to Dom, whose comments I partially copy-pasted.

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[User Picture]
Date:August 24th, 2007 09:20 pm (UTC)
Well, it was an easy target.

Nice, fat, juicy target...

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