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I saw the classiest DS Lite today. With a US retail price of $150, I… - Argument

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Mike Gonzalez (The only good blogger on the internet)
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October 8th, 2007

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10:23 pm
I saw the classiest DS Lite today. With a US retail price of $150, I think PhP 8800 is a fairly good price for it, considering it comes with Brain Age 2, a carrying case, and a fairly sexy color scheme. I'm not really the sort of guy who'd spend good money just for a better looking version of something I have, but replacing my DS Phat with it would have practical advantages.
  1. I could play at any time. Technically, you could do this with the DS Phat, but the backlight is so dim that the sun actually DROWNS OUT your game. Contrast this with a DS Lite, which uses some sort of nuclear core for each screen.
  2. It's smaller. Not by much, but it's compact enough to fit in my pocket comfortably. Plus it comes with that nifty carrying case which makes it look like you're an adult by merely holding it.
Anyway, if anyone wants to buy my current DS from me, I can let it go at a negotiable PhP 6000. I'm not sure if my homebrew kit (Supercard plus Superkey, DS is NOT modded) is compatible with the DSL, so if it turns out that it isn't, I can include that in the package for a total of 9000 bucks. Now, you might wonder: why would you pay that much for my DS?
  1. It's harder to play in the sunlight. This will instill discipline, and encourage you to work or study during the day, rather than waste time capturing Pokemon.
  2. It's bigger. Christ, have you seen that DS Lite? It's so tiny that you probably wouldn't notice if you lost it until it was too late. Plus it doesn't need some gay carrying case; it can survive scratches all by its lonesome with its hard and durable casing.
So if you're interested, get in touch with an offer and I'll hook you up.

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Date:October 10th, 2007 04:49 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's a sexy DS Lite. If there was a black and pink or black and orange version, I'd get one myself. Hehe.

There's a group of people who have DS Nights. Maybe you'd like to hang out with them next week? http://abuggedlife.com/2007/10/08/nintendo-ds-nights-part-deux/

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